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Registering a new property with Royal Mail

Registering New Property With Royal Mail

So, you’re on your way to self building your own house. Here’s the thing, how do you get an address registered, and who with?

Well, I initially thought it would be Royal Mail. I emailed them and here’s their reply:

<QUOTE>I would advise that Royal Mail have no responsibility for any official
addressing, this is solely the responsibility of the statutory body – the
Local Authority.  Royal Mail take the address details from the Local
Authority and Royal Mail allocate postal locality, post town and postcodes.

Please advise the developer or owner of the buildings to contact their
local council street naming and numbering department as they are the
Statutory Body responsible for officially naming and numbering properties
and thoroughfares and request that they notify Royal Mail Address
Development Team of the registered / new addresses. <UNQUOTE>

What I needed to do was contact “the
Statutory Body responsible for officially naming and numbering properties
and thoroughfares“.

The what? Cutting through all the BS, it’s actually your local authority, or Council as we used to call them!

To register a new self build, or indeed any new house, contact your council. I actually did it through our planning department and they redirected me accordingly. As with all this sort of stuff there’s an admin fee to pay 🙁 They’ll have a “Street Naming and Numbering Officer in the Property and Facilities Management team”, or at least mine did, so someone actually has that as a job title !

Now naturally, nothing is actually as simple as that. I had a lot of a discussion with the council over the numbering, but we agreed on a compromise. Oh and they charged me £65 for processing it..Thanks for that!

Eventually my local council emailed me back..


Further to your application, I write to confirm that the property edged red on the attached plan at xxxxxx xxx has been formally registered with The Royal Mail Address Development Centre as:

{The address of the property was here}
I must stress that although the property is registered, the address will not “Go Live” and be recognised until you inform The Address Development Team when the property is sold and/or about to become occupied.
Please contact The Address Development Team at 0845 6011 110, option 3, option 1 and ask to move the property from Not Yet Build database to ‘live’ Postcode Address File database. Also please let me know the once this change is made.

The notification of a new address has now been sent to relevant Council services and utility companies.

I hope that’s been of use to someone, why not add a comment at let me know how you got on?

I found that the Water company wouldn’t process an application for a new water supply until you have the address registered. Electricity and Gas were less stressed about an actual address of the property being connected…

….Just as an update, I’ve recently called the Royal Mail number above and they were very helpful, it actually took about 15 seconds to ask them to move the address to  live, and I said exactly what Ive typed above! I called on the Friday and by Sunday I was able to order something online to the new address.. Wow!

It’s taking longer though for credit card companies, I’ve tried to change my address online but the address doesn’t yet show up…

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12 Responses to “Registering a new property with Royal Mail”

  1. Liam says:

    This helped me – thanks very much. I was able to call the number and check if our property was listed.

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks, this was really helpful! Just had hours getting through to BT to find out why my new connection/account hadn’t happened as arranged and was told they can’t process it until the house is registered with Royal Mail (‘just give them a ring then leave it 24 hours before you come back to us…’). Nobody had thought to mention this first time round! Now off to contact the council. Thanks for the benefit of your experience. Karen

  3. Graham says:

    You’re welcome, glad you found it useful

  4. Excellent web site you have got here.. It’s hard to find high-quality writing like
    yours these days. I seriously appreciate people like you!
    Take care!!

  5. Deborah says:

    Thanks for this info. I spent ages trying to register a new build on the Royal Mail site and even went into the Post Office. I found your post and after a 30 second phone call, done!!

    Thanks again.

  6. jayne says:

    You saved me an awful lot of time, much appreciated, thank you so much!!!

  7. Mrs Lorraine Clark says:

    Many thanks for the information. I had already gone to Post Office, phoned Royal Mail and none of their “options” fitted the bill and finally resorted to google. Hopefully I can get registered now ready for entry in June. We found similar problems dealing with water electric and phones !!!

  8. sally says:

    thank you am so grateful, has taken me weeks of looking to see if registered. didnt know had to do it yourself, 10 secs and done thanks!!

  9. gill says:

    Hi Thanks so much for the information – we are self building at the moment and didn’t know how to go about getting an address.

  10. Jane says:

    Thanks for that, most helpful. Will now read the rest of the blog to glean more useful info.

  11. Rodrigo says:

    This was absolutely brilliant. Thank you for sharing; like you, it only took me 15 seconds.
    Thank you.

  12. David Sharpe says:

    Thanks for your advice; I telephoned the Royal mail number you give and my new house will be on the address list within 48 hours!